Omega Animation Test

2013-11-15 03:50:12 by JTmovie


Ya it's that time of year again...

I started doing FBF back in 2010 but I used pre made heads that I would copy and paste throughout my animations. Now I'm going full FBF: redrawing the body head to toe. Takes a little bit longer but worth it. Added a w/e background just to get an idea of what this could look like.

Let me know what you think. Any constructive criticism very welcomed.

***I watched a lot of Young Justice lately so I'm trying to incorporate that design. But there's something about my look that just doesn't quite match up to it. Any ideas would be very helpful***

Omega Animation Test


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2013-11-15 12:40:48

Young Justice had more sharply defined muscle tones, which don't show through your character. The costumes also had little details that you didn't quite notice but still made a difference in how you liked it. And if I remember correctly, they used high-contrast lighting which was mostly dark, on the characters and the backgrounds. Hope this helps you get what you're looking for. If this still doesn't work, studying stills from the show is aways a great idea.

JTmovie responds:

That actually does thanks :)


2013-11-15 13:31:32

Tough dude


2013-11-16 04:45:25

It's a bit hacky, but with that amount of detail I can't request perfectly smooth animation, especially not for full FBF. Looks great so far! Also looks like it'll take quite some time to make! Wonder how long it takes you to draw each frame?

JTmovie responds:

It depends. That animation altogether took 4 hours but I really took my time.
Thanks for the comment :)